Sharps Removal and Disposal

Image of operative carefully removing discarded sharps.

What are Sharps?

The term ‘Sharps’ is used to describe Needles, Blades and other instruments used in medicine. These same objects are used in the abuse of drugs. They can easily cause an injury by cutting or breaking the skin. Sharps are unsightly and pose a significant health risk to employees, the general public, our families and children.

Esoteric Group offer a Sharps Removal and Disposal service to ensure that your workspace, amenities and general environment are safe for you, your family and your workforce to enjoy. This is not a DIY task and it is highly recommended that you leave such a cleaning job to a professional hazardous waste removal company.

We have over twenty years of experience removing hazardous materials from both commercial and residential properties alike. Don’t run the risk, dispose of any unwanted sharps responsibly and professionally.

The Dangers of Discarded Sharps

A discarded sharp can cause physical injury, acute/chronic disease, infections and blood-borne viruses. This may happen when an injury involves a used sharp that is contaminated with another person’s blood or bodily fluid containing an infection or virus.

The most serious and life-threatening viruses include Hepatitis B (HBV), Hepatitis C (HCV) and Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Unfortunately, in many cases where such instruments have been used for abuse, they are not disposed of responsibly. Used Sharps can be found in many of our parks, communal areas, green spaces and public toilets.

Sharp Removal and Disposal Process

First off, we isolate and seal-off the contaminated area. Our bio-hazard team will then move in to remove any Sharps, Needles and any other Drug Paraphernalia. They will be safely sealed inside a yellow sharps box, before being transported away to be disposed of as clinical waste. This means they will be sent for incineration (to be burnt).

Here at Esoteric Group, we are licensed waste carriers and therefore specially trained to handle clinical waste right through from removal to incarceration. Afterwards, we will provide you with certification that confirms the area is safe, as well as the waste-transfer paperwork for your records. The latter is a requirement as per the regulations outlined in the 1990 Environment Act.

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