Asbestos Testing

Esoteric Group offer a professional and affordable Asbestos Testing Service. From the very small one-off samples to the larger complete surveys – we can take care of it all. It doesn’t matter if you require simple identification of a sample or if you need a full analysis of your entire building’s Asbestos materials. Laboratory technology will provide quick and reliable results in next to no time.

Before Testing Can Begin

Before any testing work can commence the team here will have to obtain a few material samples from your property. Obtaining samples yourself may disturb the Asbestos material or even cause damage to it. This can be extremely dangerous to the health of those involved and, in many cases, can also be fatal.

It is therefore vitally important that you acquire expert help when obtaining samples and testing for traces of Asbestos. Professional specialist like ourselves will have all the necessary equipment, attire and precautions required to carry out the job safely.

An image of an Asbestos surveyor taking a sample from within a boiler cupboard.

Testing, Testing, One Two Three

If you even slightly suspect that a specific material within your premises may contain Asbestos then you should contact us immediately. We can arrange a prompt visit to your property so that we can safely obtain a sample for testing. Do not attempt to take centre stage and test the mic for yourself (figuratively speaking) leave it to the experts!

The laboratories we use for testing are all UKAS accredited so you can rest assured the analysis is accurate and reliable. If we are to find instances of Asbestos in your test results, we can arrange for its safe removal or treatment with minimal fuss and disruption to your day-to-day activities.

Get Tested Today

This service is primarily designed for situations where you suspect specific materials may contain Asbestos. This is not a full inspection of your building in the attempt to find Asbestos Containing Materials; for this you require an Asbestos Survey.

Our Asbestos Testing Service is for analysing specific materials you believe may contain asbestos – think of it as a general check-up in situations of doubt. Contact us today on 01603 280 868 or 07919 100 734 for more information or to talk to us about a specific material you need testing for traces of Asbestos

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