Guano Removal

Image of Guano removal being carried out on an offshore oil rig.

What is Guano?

Guano is a generic term used for bird droppings. Although bird droppings can seem fairly harmless, they are quite the opposite. Guano is not only unsightly but presents a number of health, safety and environmental hazards and disease.

Droppings can become very slippery, causing significant potential for slip hazards that result in personal injury. The dung heaps also support mites, carcases and other biological and bacterial matter.

Image of Guano removal being carried out on an offshore oil rig.

Health Risks and Hazards

Such diseases such as Histoplasmosis (lung infection) Psittacosis and Bacteraemic Pneumococcal Pneumonia with continuous high fevers or headaches are not uncommon. Prolonged exposure to the airborne spores can result in chronic conditions such as endocarditis, Liver Inflammation, Inflammation of the Heart’s muscle, joint inflammation and Kerato-Conjunctivitis.

Bat Guano in particular can be dangerous to humans and animals, as it can carry rabies and other nasty diseases/infections. Human infection can result from even the briefest exposure to infected birds or to their contaminated droppings.

Image of Guano removal being carried out on an offshore oil rig.

Harmful to Buildings

Guano is highly acidic and may cause corrosion to certain surfaces if left untreated for extended periods of time. It can also cause extremely bad odours, which isn’t good for any type of commercial property! This odour can even spread to the inside of your building through the ventilation systems, causing an unpleasant internal environment for everyone nearby.

Image of Guano removal being carried out on an offshore oil rig.

Act Quickly and Efficiently

It is absolutely crucial that you act quickly to ensure the safe and efficient removal of bird droppings from your building. Here at Esoteric Group we have the highest quality Guano Removal equipment and years’ worth of experience tackling this horrible, unsightly mess. It can be potentially dangerous trying to remove Guano yourself without the correct safety equipment – so it really is not worth the risk of a DIY job. Give us a call and we’ll take care of the mess for you!

What’s Involved?

Esoteric Groups Bird Dropping/Guano Removal Service entails:

  • Rapid response service to minimise disruption
  • Trained and accredited technicians
  • Complete removal and disinfection service
  • Keeping your environment decontaminated and safe

Professional Guano Removal Services

Our fully trained and equipped staff will ensure that dung heaps and carcases are pre-treated prior to removal to ensure that mites and other parasites cannot migrate from the work area. Droppings will then be removed, placed in polythene sacks and disposed of at a licenced treatment facility. Call 01603 280 868 for any questions or simply drop us a message at for more information.

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