Asbestos Removal in Kettering


Kettering is one outstanding place, if only for the history it carries. Back in Saxon times, it was known as Kateringes and includes such remarkable buildings such as Boughton House.

In fact, there are over 500 listed buildings in the borough alone. With such a high level of structures which have special or historical interests, the potential to find asbestos in Kettering could be higher than you think. If you suspect as such, don’t be afraid to get in touch! We understand that finding local asbestos removal services in Kettering can be difficult, which is why we’re here to assist.

Asbestos Surveying Kettering

By getting an asbestos surveyor out, you get to know the extent of the issue. Our team of professional surveyors know what to look out for, even on a miniscule level. After all, we know exactly what the symptoms of asbestos are.

Once the survey has been completed, we can piece together a plan to get rid of the asbestos for you.

Soft Strip Demolition

There are some cases where we have to do what is called a soft-strip. This is where we completely remove any affected non-structural areas and replace them to ensure the property isn’t posing any risks. This involves floors, ceilings and appliances like boilers. However, if we can safely say the asbestos won’t cause any harm, we can encapsulate it for you. This can be done by boarding it off or coating it.

Full Demolition Kettering

If the structure itself has asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) and there are grounds for it to cause harm to you and others, a demolition will be a consideration. This involves completely knocking down the property and commencing the reconstruction works, once the land has been deemed safe to work on. We may look into ground remediation to secure the safety of the ground so no delays arise.

Environmental Cleaning

This is an example of additional services we can provide for you. For example, if you have moved into a new property for business purposes, you will need to make sure your premises is a safe working environment. We can ensure that by cleaning your building to a legal and professional standard.

Asbestos Services Kettering

Typically, a large percentage of asbestos is known as chrysotile. What’s scary is that a recent Freedom of Information Request revealed that three in five households (12,000 properties participated in the study) were found to contain a level of asbestos or chrysotile. This is an indication as to how secretive asbestos can be in literally any property.

However, unless you’re knowledgeable, you’re not expected to know exactly what asbestos looks like. This is completely normal, which is why if you’re thinking of looking into asbestos removal Kettering based services, Esoteric Group can help.

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