Asbestos Removal in Hampstead


All aboard! Take a trip on the London Underground towards the lovely town of Hampstead, which in itself boasts quite the impressive accolade. Hampstead’s tube station is actually the deepest on the Underground network, sitting a whopping 192ft below ground level. We know what you must be thinking – how on earth do you get back up to civilisation if you get off the train at Hampstead? They thought this one through, and an impressive 300 step staircase should see you in the realms of daylight in no time!

If you fancy basking yourselves in the company of the rich and…well…wealthy, then Hampstead is the place for you. It is known to occupy the largest percentage of millionaires within its vicinity than any other town in the country. So if you fancy rippling thighs and rippling wallets, maybe you could find your fortune in this quaint town!


Asbestos Management in Hampstead

There would be very little point in making your money in Hampstead if you’re not around to enjoy the benefits of wealth. The town is known for its old infrastructures and therefore, the inevitable presence of asbestos.

That’s why, here at Esoteric Group, we want you to enjoy everything this town has to offer, with peace of mind that you won’t be hindered by this hazardous pollutant. Whether the property you occupy is commercial or domestic, we are here to guide you towards a utopian asbestos-free town.

Asbestos Removal Hampstead

Despite asbestos being an illegal substance since 1999, there are still properties which inherit the deadly material. Granted, most occupants would have no idea that asbestos is even present in the building, but there are some who are just unsure as to how to go about removing it. Look no further than Esoteric Group.

We have years’ worth of experience in handling asbestos safely, meaning that our team, as well as yourselves, are never in danger of inhaling the particles – which if done so, could cause catastrophic consequences towards your health.

Effectively and Environmentally Controlling the Risk

The way we ensure the safe removal of asbestos is to carry out a survey first. This just gives us an idea of what plan of action to concoct before carrying out the job. If you feel this is something your property could benefit from, give us a ring and we shall get the ball rolling for you.

Remember – an asbestos-free world is a much better world to live in!

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