Asbestos Removal in East London

East London

Famous for theatres and theatrical storylines in the Queen Vic, East London is brimming with history and culture. The historical aspect can potentially mean that you could have asbestos hidden away in your structures. Luckily, with our help, you can tell asbestos to get ‘outta my pub’ for good!

Where Would I Find Asbestos?

First of all, it depends when your property was built. Chances are, if it was erected before 1999, there could be asbestos. This is especially the case if you haven’t already had an asbestos surveyor out to the property.

Although identifying asbestos can be tricky due to the nature of its materials, it is most commonly found in places such as garages, floor tiles, insulation panels and even floor/ceiling linings. Other places such as attics and lofts can be common for asbestos to be located.

If any asbestos is untouched and undamaged, normally you physically won’t have to do anything, providing it is recorded and regular maintenance checks are carried out. However, if it is causing problems, it may be time to get the professionals in!

Asbestos Surveying

As mentioned above, the possibility of finding asbestos is higher if you haven’t had an asbestos surveyor take a look around your property. Our surveyors have years’ worth of experience and know exactly what to look out for. Once they have completed their survey, they will provide the best course of action. This is in the form of a simple removal, a soft strip or a demolition.

What’s The Difference?

The difference is relatively simple. An asbestos removal job will be carried out if there is no damage to the surrounding structure. If, however, there is a level of repairable damage, then the affected areas will be removed and replaced with safer and fresher materials.

The last resort is if the asbestos has destroyed the surrounding areas beyond repair to the point it poses a risk. In this instance, we would carry out a full demolition. In any case, we would take great care in the process and will ensure the property is left clean to a high standard to avoid potential exposure to any stray fibres.

Asbestos Removal East London

The way in which we here at Esoteric Group deal with asbestos is quite simple – we just detest it. Which is why we have the years’ worth of experience in the removal of the deadly material. Read on to see where you might typically find asbestos in your property and other services we offer.

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