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For those living in Harwich, Asbestos might not be on their minds. But next time you wander down the quaint streets, following the Maritime Heritage Trail, ask yourself how many of these old buildings contain Asbestos?

The answer is probably around 50% of them. Scary, but true! Asbestos was a commonly used building material prior to 2000. People had no clue it was so dangerous, as it took decades for the first connections to be drawn between Asbestos exposure and serious health issues. Today, we know only too well how dangerous Asbestos is, so if you are at all concerned, read on.

Asbestos Surveys in Harwich

Anyone living in an older property must be aware that Asbestos could be present somewhere. It might be hidden in walls, beneath floors, in the attic, or used as a building material outdoors. An Asbestos survey is the best way to check whether you have a problem. A survey is the first stage in managing an Asbestos issue.

Harwich Soft Stripping Services

Are you developing a commercial space? If so, consider using soft stripping. Soft stripping involves removing all Asbestos from internal structures, including walls. The building is stripped back to a bare shell, so a program of renovation can begin. Each area is dealt with systematically.

Land Remediation and Demolition in Harwich

Demolition surveys are the best course of action if a structure is being demolished. It is vital that hidden Asbestos is removed in a controlled fashion, or dangerous contamination could occur. If the land itself is contaminated, contact us about an Asbestos survey so we can devise a program of safe Asbestos dismantling and disposal.

Depending on what we discover when we carry out an Asbestos removal survey, we will advise you on what steps to take next.

More Facts about Harwich

Built in the 13th-Century, Harwich was once the home of famous seafarers, Sir Francis Drake and Sir Martin Frobisher. The town has a long maritime heritage, which you can explore today. The 1808 Harwich Redoubt was constructed to protect the town’s harbour from Napoleon’s forces. Visit the Maritime Museum if you want to learn more. Fancy catching a movie? Check out the Electric Palace Cinema – it’s the oldest cinema to survive and remain in use. There could be Asbestos lurking in there somewhere, but don’t let that put you off your popcorn!

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