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Safe removal of Asbestos is necessary to prevent health risks to anyone working or living in your building. If you do find Asbestos in your Harrow property do not touch it. Once disturbed, the particles get into the air and damage the lungs.

Instead, call Esoteric Group and have the experts remove and dispose of the Asbestos instead. If you live in Harrow or in the greater North London area, we can have a surveyor out to assess your property in no time at all.

Once we know the extent of your Asbestos problem we can strip it from your building, effectively clean up any residue that may be left, and dispose of the contaminated material in a safe way that complies with local council and government guidelines.


Harrow is famously home to the University of Westminster, an establishment responsible for some very famous political minds. Located North and West of Charing Cross, this thriving population centre sports some 80,000 people. With St. George’s shopping and leisure centre attracting thousands every year, this is a great suburb to reside for your average London worker.

One of the most famous people ever to be born in Harrow was Vivienne Westwood, international superstar fashion designer. It is also home to the writer R. M. Ballantyne, whose house now sports a blue plaque as testimony to their residence.

Harrow as a Commercial District

Harrow was earmarked as an excellent location for commercial buildings sometime after 1716. Prior to this it was referenced as a historical meeting place. With so many links to public transport, it was an ideal location in which to build a shopping district for greater London. The following few hundred years has seen it expanded and rebuilt many times, particularly after WWII.

Harrow has some wonderful Georgian architecture and some beautiful historic buildings. Unfortunately, sporadic parts of the settlement have seen the use of Asbestos cement in the construction of new buildings. In Harrow, commercial buildings are frequently found to have Asbestos in the walls, floors or panelling. Since the substance was banned in 1989 and has been in recall ever since, Asbestos removal in the Harrow area has become necessary for all shop and home owners in the district.

Asbestos in Harrow

Back in 2008 the Harrow Times reported on a case involving a local contractor. The builder had been carrying out work on a local property and had incorrectly disposed of the Asbestos material they were handling. When Asbestos is disposed of in normal council bins it will be incinerated with the rubbish. When incinerated, Asbestos gives off toxic fumes harmful to workers.

If you need Asbestos removed in Harrow don’t take the risk of living or working alongside it. Contact Esoteric Group right now and let’s handle the problem together.

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