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Hampstead Heath

Although famous for the vast open space of the park found in Hampstead Heath, it is an area of London that is rich in historic inspiration. This favoured heath is home to the Kenwood House Estate, Hampstead Highgate, and numerous playgrounds and activity centres that keep the community coming back, year after year.

Although some of Hampstead Heath is considered to be ancient land, and even though some of it has been designated a site of Special Scientific Interest; parts of the Estate’s lands were sold off for building on just after the turn of the nineteenth century. This made for a small population of lucky residents that got to call this inner-London-sanctuary home.

History in Hampstead Heath

Although famously conserved throughout the ages as an important commonly owned green space, there are a few residencies recorded throughout Hampstead Heath. A few quaint cottages can be found dotted throughout, with the odd patch of working farmland. After the Second World War, Golder’s Hill Park was added, inclusive of the ruins of a bombed home. A small zoo has opened there in recent years.

Since the majority of the buildings erected around Hampstead Heath were built after 1930, this puts them at risk of having been constructed using asbestos materials. These materials are dangerous to public health, widely falling out of use after the 60’s. By 1989 the government had been deemed the substance banned and changed building materials. If your Hampstead Heath property was built between 1940 and 1989 then it is possible there is asbestos in your home.

Asbestos Removal and Disposal in Your Area

We offer a dedicated, friendly, and professional asbestos removal and disposal service in Hampstead Heath. Our experts are fully trained to handle, dispose of, and clean up after, asbestos contamination. If you suspect your home is at risk then contact us today.

Here at Esoteric Group we offer a full appraisal of your office, home, commercial or industrial property. This survey will give us insight into the full extent of the asbestos problem in your building. Once assessed, we can then safely isolate the substance before removing all trace of it, forever. We will then dispose of it in a monitored way to take the pressure off our clients.

When the asbestos has been removed, we will provide an expert cleaning of the area to ensure there is no risk to your health in future. This is a process that will only need to be completed once; but that will grant you the security of knowing your home is now safe. Asbestos causes untold damage to the human respiratory system. We can remove it for you. It really is that simple.

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