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If you ever find yourself in the leafy shires of Newmarket, here’s a couple of activities to sink your teeth into. It may be race day over at the famous horse race-course, or you could head on over to Palace House, a national heritage centre which gives you an insight into the town’s sporting culture. If you’ve got the time, why not go and visit the Queen Victoria Jubilee Clock Tower whilst you’re at it?

Either way, Newmarket thrives upon close-knit community spirit and regaling stories about the town’s rich culture and history.

Asbestos Removal in Newmarket

Here at Esoteric Group, we view asbestos like throwing darts at a picture of an enemy taped to a dartboard. It is our mission and aim to make Newmarket an asbestos-free environment, so activities like those mentioned above can remain risk-free.

Although asbestos has been blacklisted since the late 1990’s, it hasn’t been completely eradicated from our buildings yet. Granted, every effort has been made but there is still some way to go before we can say we have achieved our stated mission.

Asbestos Demolition Newmarket

Unfortunately, some cases leave us with no other option but to do a full demolition. If the building in question is of rich heritage, it leaves a hole in the community. However, every step is taken beforehand to ensure every building is given every opportunity to remain upright. Think of a full demolition as a last resort.

Rest assured, if a demolition is required, we have the experience required to pull off the job with minimal disruption. At the end of the day, because of the physical health risks that asbestos can carry, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Soft Strip Demolition

We know it seems bizarre to have the words ‘soft’ and ‘demolition’ in the same title, but allow us to explain. This is a process we can carry out rather than going for the full demolition. It involves the removal of non-structural elements in both the inside and outside of a building.

This is done in order to allow for a full demolition if required, or better still, to facilitate remodelling or refurbishments. In a nutshell, simply removing the affected areas to allow for safer, asbestos-free materials to go in its place.

We like this process, as it means we can keep a building’s reputation and image, so towns like Newmarket can continue to thrive.

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