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Comprehensive Asbestos Solutions in Newmarket

Newmarket, nestled in the serene countryside, boasts a vibrant cultural scene intertwined with its rich history. From exhilarating race days to visits to the Queen Victoria Jubilee Clock Tower, the town exudes a sense of community pride and historical significance.

Asbestos Removal

At Esoteric Group, we are committed to making Newmarket an asbestos-free environment, ensuring the safety of its residents and preserving its cultural heritage. Despite asbestos being banned since the late 1990s, its presence still lingers in many buildings, posing potential health risks.

Demolition Services

In cases where asbestos contamination is severe and poses significant health risks, full demolition becomes necessary. While it may leave a void in the community, we approach each demolition project with meticulous planning and execution, prioritizing safety and minimal disruption.

Soft Strip Demolition

Soft strip demolition offers a less intrusive alternative, focusing on the removal of non-structural elements inside and outside buildings. This process allows for the safe removal of asbestos-containing materials while preserving the building’s integrity. It paves the way for remodeling or refurbishments, ensuring Newmarket’s buildings can continue to thrive.

Expertise and Experience

With our extensive experience and expertise in asbestos removal and demolition, we ensure that every project is executed with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our goal is to create a safer and healthier environment for the residents of Newmarket, safeguarding its cultural heritage for generations to come.

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