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Remember Lorraine Chase? Thanks to her, the local catchphrase is “Nah, Luton Airport.”  When Luton is mentioned, you probably do think of the airport, but there is a lot more to Luton than as a portal to sunnier climates.

Luton has a long and interesting history. The earliest settlement in this part of the world dates back 250,000 years. It was also the site of a few skirmishes during the English Civil War. Royalist troops thought it would be fun to rock up in Luton and demand money with menace. Like modern day thugs, they got their just desserts when Parliamentarian soldiers kicked them into touch while they were carousing on Bridge Street.  

Professional Asbestos Dismantling Services in Luton

The town is a popular property hotspot thanks to its close proximity to the capital. Given that it only takes around 37 minutes via train from Luton to St Pancras, it’s understandable that property developers have moved into the town in recent years. There are many older properties ripe for conversion into HMOs and flats, but what many investors don’t realise is that older properties often harbour a hidden danger – i.e. asbestos.

Properties constructed prior to the 1990s may contain asbestos. It’s usually concealed and out of sight, but even though you can’t see it, it must still be dealt with.  

Asbestos Surveys in Luton

The experts at Esoteric Group can help you manage the risk of asbestos contamination. We can assess and remove asbestos contamination from homes, businesses, and commercial sites. Removal is permanent, so you no longer need worry about the risk of exposure to deadly asbestos fibres.

An asbestos survey is the first step. An asbestos survey will check whether there is any asbestos present. Thinking of demolishing the building? If so, ask us about demolition surveys. Alternatively, if you want to refurbish the building, we can perform soft stripping, which removes hidden asbestos from internal structures and leaves behind an empty shell for you to develop as you see fit.

Lastly, land remediation is often necessary for brownfields sites contaminated with asbestos waste.

Luton Asbestos Removal Specialists

Don’t ignore the dangers of asbestos contamination. Exposure to airborne asbestos fibres can cause asbestosis and cancer. People are still dying from asbestos-related diseases decades after exposure. Talk to the team at Esoteric Group if you have any concerns about possible asbestos contamination in Luton. We are here to help make your property development project safer.

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