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King’s Lynn

King’s Lynn has many old buildings. The town’s population swelled quickly in the 1960s and many new homes were built. Sadly, back then, asbestos was a popular building material and there is a strong likelihood that a proportion of homes from that era contain asbestos. It is also likely that the town’s factories contain asbestos.

As we all know, asbestos is very dangerous when it is disturbed. This makes it essential that suspected asbestos contamination is dealt with by professionals.

King’s Lynn Asbestos Surveys

An asbestos survey is the best way to ascertain whether asbestos is present in a building. We can carry out an asbestos survey to determine the scale of the problem. If we do find asbestos, we will then devise a plan to remove and dispose of the problem.

Asbestos Dismantling Services in King’s Lynn

There are strict rules and regulations pertaining to asbestos dismantling. Our team has many years’ worth of experience in the safe removal of asbestos from homes and commercial buildings. We can carry out safe stripping to minimise disruption in your workplace. If you are undertaking a program of refurbishment, we will remove all hidden asbestos from internal structures, leaving you with an empty shell for redevelopment.

Land Remediation and Asbestos Removal

Where a brownfield site is being redeveloped, there is always the danger that the ground is contaminated with asbestos. Ask us about land remediation services. We will carry out a survey and check for possible asbestos contamination in the soil. If any is found, it will be removed and disposed of. If asbestos contamination is too great, the sub-soil can be replaced.

More Facts about King’s Lynn

King’s Lynn has a long history – and not always a happy one. There was a serious fire in 1331 and many of the town’s buildings burned to the ground. Then it was hit by the Black Death a few years later and up to half of the population perished. Today, thatched roofs are banned, and the plague is no more. Asbestos is still an issue though!

The Campbell’s Soup Factory is a well-known landmark in King’s Lynn. It’s a busy place. An astounding 250 million tins of soup are produced there each year. In case you’re wondering, our favourite is Campbell’s tomato soup served with cheese on toast. Yum!

Call us if you want to learn more about asbestos surveys and removal. We are always happy to help! Just don’t ask us to share our tomato soup!

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