Asbestos Removal in Walthamstow


It is guaranteed that you’ll want to stay another day in Walthamstow, as the famous boyband East 17 once coined, with all four members residing from this quaint little town. While you’re enjoying the luscious green spaces of Walthamstow Marshes or Epping Forest, you can also take advantage of a particularly impressive market.

The town’s famous market street, based on Selborne Road, is known as the longest outdoor market in Europe, occupying every inch of the street bar 100 metres. It boasts over 500 stalls offering a variety of food and clothing options, meaning you’re never left disappointed by what’s on offer. Very little has changed since the market’s inception, with high street chains making minimal changes to their building structures. Have the locals taken into consideration the safe removal of asbestos?


Professional Asbestos Removal Walthamstow

At Esoteric Group, the safe removal of asbestos is always at the forefront of our aims and intentions. We provide services including removal, surveying and testing within the Walthamstow area. With a crack squad of professionals on hand, we guarantee that our services will fit your needs like a glove!

We work with both commercial and domestic customers. By doing so, we have collected a plethora of experience in removing and managing asbestos lawfully and safely, including industrial spaces and small housing properties.

Effectively Managing the Hazards and Risks

Exposure to asbestos and its particles can be particularly hazardous to a human’s respiratory system, especially when sustained over a period of time. Asbestos related cancers and asbestosis can occur when exposed to the product’s airborne pollutants. Even in this day and age, thousands of people pass away due to asbestos exposure from yesteryear.

This is why the experts at Esoteric Group are on a mission to help you modernise your home or building, allowing you to operate and live in a safe environment. This includes the permanent removal of any and all intrusive substances. If removal isn’t necessary, we can simply help you control your building and home, making sure that scenarios such as asbestos exposure does not occur.

Asbestos Surveys in Walthamstow

Has it been a while since you’ve had an asbestos check? Or have you ever had one? Conducting an asbestos survey is pivotal in managing your building’s safety regulations and is highly recommended.

Why not call us today and ask about our survey service. Let’s see if we can give your building the helping hand it deserves.

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