Asbestos Removal in South London

South London

London as a whole is one marvellous city. With its own boroughs and districts, back alleys and hidden secrets. Whether it’s South London, North, East or West, the entirety of London has a story to tell.  Don’t let asbestos ruin the rich tapestry that London can possess and pass down to future occupants. Get in touch today to take advantage of our South London based asbestos management services.

Asbestos Surveying South London

So no rash decisions are made beforehand, an asbestos survey is handy to know exactly what we’re dealing with. For business owners, it is a legal requirement to have an up to date asbestos register. We can send somebody to carry out a detailed report on your property and highlight any areas within the building that has any asbestos containing materials. From there, we have some options we can look into solving the issue.


Before we look into any demolition services, we may look into encapsulating any areas that contain asbestos. This is so we don’t run the risk of exposing the property to any fibres by attempting to remove it. This can be done by using a specialist coating or boarding it off completely, therefore restricting access.

In some cases, we may be required to soft-strip the affected area. We carry out a soft-strip on any non-structural elements which have asbestos-containing materials before installing safer replacements.

Unfortunately, if the damage is severe and the building now poses a risk to people’s safety, we would look at a demolition job. We would like this to be a last resort but as mentioned before – asbestos is no laughing matter.

Additional Services South London

Whether it’s a good old fashioned environmental clean or the removal of sharp objects from your property we can provide you with the hands-on experience you’re looking for.

One thing we do specialise in that may surprise you is guano removal, which is the removal of excrement build-up from birds and bats.

Here to Help

Can you truly say that you know your property inside and out? If the answer is yes, you are one of the very few. Every property has their own little secrets, whether it’s a hidden passage or a crawl space. We’re not trying to say that your house could be haunted or anything, we’re talking about something potentially more sinister.

Maybe sinister is an exaggeration, but asbestos is no laughing matter. If you had to choose between finding asbestos and a ghost, chances are you’d take the ghost…right? Regardless, let’s crack on and see what you can do if you find asbestos in your property.

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