Asbestos Removal in Northamptonshire


The leafy shire of Northants stretches back to the Iron Age – so that’s where you get your steely determination from! If you are equally as determined to eradicate asbestos from your county, or have any worries or suspicions, feel free to get in touch.

Asbestos Surveys Northamptonshire

Rather than second guess any materials you may find in your building, have a licensed expert conduct an asbestos survey instead. These reports will give you and ourselves a detailed itinerary of where asbestos may reside and to what extent. We look at these surveys as our instruction manual as to how to go about resolving the issue.

Soft Strip/Demolition

Once an asbestos survey has been conducted, it may come to our attention that a soft-strip demolition is required. If any non-structural elements are found to contain asbestos, they can be removed and destroyed. Once this step has been completed, safer alternative materials can be installed.

If we find asbestos in the core structure and it therefore poses a risk to your health, we can carry out a full demolition of the property. Obviously, this is a last resort as the reconstruction work can be a lengthy task. However, as an extra helping hand, we can offer a service called land remediation. This involves making sure that no asbestos containing materials have been left behind on the ground, to allow any construction works to go ahead without any hiccups!

Asbestos Waste Removal Northamptonshire

The ideal scenario is that asbestos isn’t found in structural areas of your property and it’s a case of removing it safely. Once it has been collected and removed, it is taken to a licensed facility to be disposed securely. Asbestos removal Northamptonshire based services can be few and far between, so that’s why we’re here to help.

Environmental Cleaning

Additional services are also available with Esoteric Group. If you feel like your property needs to be brought up to a higher standard when it comes to hygiene, we may be able to help. It may be appropriate to use this service if your property has been the victim of asbestos containing materials.

Regardless, we look at an environmental clean as a way of tackling any substance that presents itself in your building because of previous existing materials or the failure to deal with the problem beforehand.

Asbestos Management Northamptonshire

Even in 2023, we are still in the process of eliminating asbestos from businesses up and down the country. Some people attempt to remove the material themselves, some have preferred to call upon some professional help.

The team here at Esoteric Group will always recommend the latter. The reason we’re in the asbestos removal business is so you don’t put yourself at risk of exposure. Let’s take a look at exactly what we can do for you!

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