Asbestos Removal in Northampton


The people of Northampton deserve to be safe in their properties, whether it’s for work or their home life. Football is at the heart of the town, as well as comedy. Manager Graham Carr, who held the reins from 1985-1990 and his comedian son Alan Carr are two legends to come out of the town.

They say if you want a long life to move to Northampton due to the life expectancy rates being pretty impressive, but to those who already reside there, don’t take any chances. If you find any asbestos, give the team here at Esoteric Group a call and we’ll take it from there.

Asbestos Surveys Northampton

If you find asbestos in an area of your property, there is a good chance it could be somewhere else. Rather than putting yourself at more potential risk, allow us here at Esoteric Group to send out a licensed asbestos surveyor. They can pin-point the severity of the situation and exactly how much asbestos is in the property.


If we can safely encapsulate any areas that contain asbestos, then that would be the most cost-effective approach to use. However, this isn’t always the case. In times where there is any non-structural areas with asbestos containing materials (ACM’s), we would remove these before installing safer replacements.

As a last resort, if we find asbestos in core elements of your structure which are bound to cause physical harm, then we may look into demolishing the property completely before moving forward with the reconstruction.

Land Remediation Northampton

If a property does need to be demolished before reconstruction, we may proceed with remediation work. This involves making sure that the land that a previous property resided on is safe to work on for further development projects. Traces of asbestos could be found within the soil post-demolition. This delays any possible re-construction works, so it’s important that the land is safe to work on.

Sharps Removal

As well as asbestos management, we have additional services to those in need. An example of these is sharps removal. Anything from needles to glass shards have the potential to lead to accidents and therefore a disruption to your business. We can come and collect these before disposing of them on your behalf!

Northampton Based Asbestos Removal

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, especially where asbestos is concerned. It has to be asked whether it would have been used so widely if everyone knew just how dangerous it was. Take your mind back to the 60’s’ and 70’s. It was more common to be a smoker than to not smoke, not realising just exactly how harmful it was, even back then.

The abolishment of asbestos as a material in the UK in 1999 was a milestone for the health of millions. If you find asbestos in your property, here’s what we can do for you.

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