Asbestos Removal in London


London is famous for having some of the oldest architectural buildings in the world but also some of the most futuristic-looking structures. Granted, the newer builds are far less likely to have any asbestos accumulation. However, with the older buildings, asbestos removal may be an option for you to take up. If you need any further information on what we do, feel free to get in touch.

Soft Stripping

It’s not just about removing the asbestos from the property, however. In some cases, the asbestos can attack a building’s structural elements. If this is the case, but the damage is repairable, we would simply remove the affected areas. Afterwards, we will either replace or rebuild so your building remains intact and asbestos-free.

We like performing these operations as it means we have managed to avoid the last-resort of a full demolition. The demolition jobs occur when the asbestos exposure and damage is unrepairable.

Waste Removal and Disposal

Not only do we take great care in the removal of any asbestos within the property, we also love a tidy up, too! If, for whatever reason, we have a bit of trouble shifting the asbestos without causing a bit of mess, we will of course clean up after ourselves. Any waste accumulated during the job will be collected and disposed of both legally and in an eco-friendly way.

That way, you can rest easy knowing you are in an asbestos-free environment with no need to dig out the dustpan and brush!

Guano Removal

One thing we specialise in that not a lot of people may have known is guano removal. In layman terms, this involves the removal of excrement build-up from seabirds and more commonly, bats. If you have a property that is a nice breeding/living environment for bats, you better believe they’ll use it to their full advantage!

So, not only do we tend to properties who are having a nightmare with their asbestos, we like to think we’re masters of a variety of tasks!

Asbestos Removal in London

Since asbestos was abolished in the 1990’s, properties up and down the UK have had their buildings inspected for potential exposure. Subsequent to these checks, removal operations have been carried out to ensure the nation isn’t exposed to conditions such as asbestosis and other respiratory issues.

We here at Esoteric Group carry the same outlook, with a strong attitude to boot. We want to make absolutely sure that the people of London are safe in their homes and their workplace, so we’re proud to go about our business in a professional and dignified manner.

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