Asbestos Removal in Letchworth Garden City

Letchworth Garden City

The self-proclaimed ‘world’s first garden city’, Letchworth was the grounds of the parish built in the name of the Virgin Mary herself in the 12th/13th century. With a town brimming with so much history, not to mention grade II listed buildings, there is always the need for extra caution where asbestos is concerned. If you have any suspicions or just want a bit of peace of mind, feel free to get in touch!

Asbestos Surveys Letchworth Garden City

With asbestos management, a great deal of care needs to be taken to ensure the maximum amount of safety for everyone involved. To guarantee this, there are a few steps we need to take first. To start the ball rolling, we would carry out an asbestos survey which is overseen by a licensed expert in asbestos surveying. This helps us ascertain where exactly the damage is and what steps to take afterwards.

Encapsulation Services

Dependent on the results from the survey, we may look into a variety of options. The first one and arguably the most cost effective would be encapsulation. If we were to attempt removing the asbestos, we run the risk of opening the material up and exposing the property to the fibres. That’s why we only remove it if necessary. With encapsulation, we would cover up the area containing asbestos so it is impossible to access.

Demolition Services Letchworth Garden City

If encapsulation isn’t possible, then either a soft strip or a full demolition will be considered. A soft strip involves removing any non-structural elements which include asbestos, before replacing them with safer instalments. A full demolition would involve pulling down the property if structure-supporting elements are found to have asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) and could therefore pose a risk towards your health.

Sharps Removal

The removal of sharp objects in your property means further protection for yourself and others. Objects such as glass shards, needles and other potentially dangerous materials if left undisposed can cause serious accidents.

Don’t let these disrupt the flow of your business. Get them removed so you’re compliant with Health and Safety. Sharps removal services based in Letchworth Garden City are available for you to use should you require them.

Letchworth Garden City Based Asbestos Services

At one time, everywhere you looked, asbestos was being widely used in our businesses. Little did we know just what risk we were putting ourselves in by having the material in close vicinity. The UK Government abolished the use of asbestos in 1999 and from there, the UK has been on a manhunt to have it removed from every building.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Levels of asbestos can be secreted within walls that the UK population might not even pick up on till it’s too late. That’s why we here at Esoteric Group are here to help. Here’s how!

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