Asbestos Removal in Hertfordshire


The county of Herts boasts such monumental landmarks as Six Hills, which was built in Stevenage during Roman times. It is also the home of Leavesden Film Studios. Such buildings, especially the latter, are important not just to the county but the UK itself. It is therefore important to ensure that these buildings are safe for use and visits.

If you believe your building is subject to asbestos exposure, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Asbestos Waste Removal Hertfordshire

Removing asbestos is not something you should consider taking on yourself. The complications that can arise from asbestos inhalation include asbestos related lung cancer, which still takes on average 2,500 deaths a year.

So, with that harrowing statistic in mind, allow us to take on the responsibility. Don’t worry, we’re not going to put ourselves in danger. With the correct protective clothing and equipment, we can have the asbestos removed from the property quickly, efficiently and in total safety. From there, we’ll simply dispose of it carefully at a licensed facility.

Guano Removal

An additional service, one of quite a few actually, is the removal of excrement left behind by seabirds and bats. This can be seen as quite an inconvenient job should you want to do it yourself, so you can rely on us to deal with it for you. Whilst we’re at it, why not give your property a thorough clean?

Environmental Cleaning Hertfordshire

If you are indeed looking for an environmental cleaning Hertfordshire based service, you needn’t look any further. Our environmental cleaning services leave no stone unturned, literally, leaving your property disinfected and free of harmful bacteria. We offer this as a stand-alone service or as part of your asbestos removal/management plan.

Soft-Strip Demolition

Should we find any non-structural elements are beyond repair, there’s a way we can help with that too. We can remove and dispose of the affected elements before replacing them with a safer alternative. Our processes are quick, efficient and we operate with minimal disruption to your business/daily activities.

Asbestos Removal Hertfordshire

Asbestos is a once-popular building material that was completely abolished in 1999. This means the material has joined the ‘MOST WANTED’ list of construction supplies and will never be seen roaming our towns again! However, properties that were built before this time are still somewhat likely to contain some elements of asbestos.

Homeowners and businesses in Hertfordshire who haven’t had a survey to test for asbestos levels might want to think about having one done. With that in mind, look no further than Esoteric Group – we specialise in asbestos services in Hertfordshire and beyond. As a licensed asbestos removal business, we have the tools of the trade necessary to complete any job to an extremely high standard. Take a look at how we can achieve this below.

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