Asbestos Removal in Harlow


Harlow has been through its own transitions in history, most prolifically having two sections. A section of the town, now known as Old Harlow, contains many grade II listed buildings including St Mary’s Church. The modernised part of town, New Harlow Town, was actually constructed after the end of World War II. This was to help London with their overcrowding issues after the Blitz bombings.

These buildings, where a lot still remain intact without reconstruction, have the potential to occupy levels of asbestos. If you have any worries about whether your property is infected, feel free to give us a call!

Asbestos Surveys Harlow

An asbestos survey in Harlow allows us to ascertain just how badly your property is infected with asbestos. It also gives you an indication as to what steps we’re going to take to solve the problem at hand. Although this may come across as routine paperwork, every non-domestic building that has an erection date that presides 2000 must have an up-to-date asbestos register.

A fully qualified surveyor will identify, where applicable, where any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) lie within the premises. They will then also determine if the asbestos found is damaging to your health. From there, with our help, we can put together a plan of action of how to treat the issue.

Soft Strip Demolition

People see the word demolition and begin to panic. However, a soft strip demolition isn’t as scary as it sounds. All it involves is the removal of any damaged or asbestos containing non-structural elements. This can include floors, ceilings and electrical casing equipment. Once these have been removed and disposed of, new materials can be put into place.

The benefit of using Esoteric Group for your soft strip demolition needs is that we can complete the job with minimum disruption. Our eco-friendly methods also ensure that any residue or debris left over from the job is kept to a minimum.

Harlow Ground Remediation

Brownfield sites can be a hotbed for asbestos containing materials and substances, which have been left behind following a previous demolition of property(s). Our ground remediation Harlow based services will ensure your new site is free from contamination and ready to be built on in complete safety.

Environmental Cleaning

An additional service we provide is a thorough environmental clean of your property. For extra reassurance, a UKAS accredited analyst will carry out air tests to ensure that all traces of asbestos containing materials have been removed and the oxygen levels are appropriate for re-habitation.

Asbestos Removal Services Harlow

Since it was abolished by the UK Government in 1999, the discovery of asbestos in properties is met with a sense of urgency. That’s why we here at Esoteric Group are on hand to give properties up and down the country the assistance they’re looking for.

Read on to find out more about the asbestos Harlow based services we provide, all of which can make your life that little bit easier!

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