Asbestos Removal in Essex


Forget the fumes from the spray tans, asbestos could be causing more of a problem than you think in Essex! The county as a whole thrives upon an economy that ranges from electronics to agriculture. Any building that is used to sell products within these fields on an industrial level has the potential to contain asbestos. The scary thing is, it’s usually without the occupant’s knowledge! Whether you’re a home owner or a business owner, if you have any worries about asbestos infection, give the team here at Esoteric Group a call.

Asbestos Surveying

As a licensed asbestos removal business, we have the tools to execute a detailed asbestos survey. Here at Esoteric Group, we treat every job as if it was our own property. With an asbestos survey, we can determine exactly where the asbestos is hiding and to what extent.

Without an asbestos management survey, we are unable to know how to effectively treat the situation. If you find yourself in this situation and you own a non-domestic building that was built before 1999, you must have an up-to-date asbestos register.

Soft Strip Demolition

If we see aspects of non-structural ACMs, these elements can be removed and replaced for you. That way, we’re not running the risk of the damage shifting over to the crucial aspects of your property. This option can mean you avoid going through with a full demolition job, which of course is more of an inconvenience.

Asbestos Encapsulation and Repair

Often, removal or any form of demolition isn’t necessary at all. In fact, in many cases, any attempt to remove ACMs can cause more harm than it does good. This is especially true if large structural elements of your property contain ACMs. This would require a full demolition job, which in turn may lead to a ground remediation job, which in turn leads to more time and money spent.

Asbestos encapsulation effectively means we can wrap any ACMs up in a big protective, unbreakable coat. This way you cannot access the materials and they have no way of sending airborne particles into the atmosphere.

Asbestos Waste Removal Essex

If removal is necessary, protective clothing and equipment are utilised at all times throughout the process to keep ourselves safe. Once all ACMs have been collected, we simply load it up in our specialist fleet and dispose of it at a licensed facility, again on your behalf. That way, you can have complete peace of mind that the asbestos is gone for good without the hassle of wondering what to do with it.

Esoteric Group in Essex

If you’ve stumbled across what you think is an asbestos containing material (ACM) in your property, you should be highly concerned and highly vigilant. It is also critical that you do not attempt to analyse the situation any further or disturb the materials in anyway whatsoever. It is definitely time to call in a professional asbestos removal Essex based team, who can ensure the situation is under control and progressed in a professional and responsible manner.

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