Asbestos Removal in Enfield


Enfield is a town that is bursting at the seams with history, with some events being out of this world – literally. Back in 1977, Enfield hit the newspapers up and down the country due to the phenomenon of the famous poltergeist case. This has led to several dramatic re-enactments in some of the most popular horror franchises in the world.

Seeing as both of these notaries towards Enfield’s history are dated before 1999, we have good reason to believe that poltergeists weren’t the only thing the locals were terrified about. What about asbestos!?


Asbestos Management in Enfield

Although the legend of the Enfield poltergeist will live on for decades to come, asbestos is one less demon to worry about – if you already have a handle on the situation. However, there are still properties up and down this great country that are teething with the dangerous airborne pollutant which can cause great harm to yourselves that no spirit could match.

That’s why we here at Esoteric Group are determined to banish asbestos from every home in the country, starting with Enfield. Forget séances and some nosey parker who secretly roots through your drawers, we have a crack squad of professionals who have just one thing in mind – asbestos removal.

Asbestos Removal Enfield

We have years’ worth of experience when it comes to safely removing asbestos from properties, ensuring that you can go about your daily lives. This applies to both domestic and commercial buildings. Much like the Army, no man, or woman for that matter, gets left behind.

But it would be foolish to just dive in and head straight for trying to remove the asbestos. To ensure lawful and careful execution, a survey needs to be conducted to come up with the safest course of action. This can be arranged at ease with our team.

Effectively and Environmentally Controlling the Risk

Put that crystal ball away and don’t feel put off by shopping at your town’s oldest store – you are in safe hands. However, if you feel like your home or building is in need of some asbestos management, then feel free to give us a call.

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