Asbestos Removal in Corby


Corby is a town that went from its rural roots into an industrial mainframe of Northamptonshire. The main source of industrial works was the iron industry. With this in mind, any property and location that was used for ironworks have higher chances of containing asbestos. Don’t take the risk, if you feel your property has any level of asbestos, get in touch with us.

Asbestos Services in Corby

Not a lot of people can say they have seen every inch of their own property in full, no matter if this is domestic or commercial. This is especially the case if you have moved into a property built before 1999. In these cases, there is the chance that a level of asbestos can be found secreted within the walls, floors, ceilings and features of your property.

In these instances, some extra assistance may be required from a local asbestos Corby based service provider. Look no further than Esoteric Group – we have all of your Corby asbestos removal and repair needs taken care of.

We’re not one to blow our own trumpet, but we purposefully expanded our services so you don’t have to look far and wide if you’re having more than one issue. Below is just a snapshot of what we can help you with!

Environmental Cleaning 

Environmental cleaning is just one example of these services. Of course, whilst removing any level of asbestos, we’ll take great care that it is removed and disposed of in the most planet-friendly manner possible. On top of this, we also offer an additional cleaning service for any other area in need, which involves a deep clean for hygienic protection and safety. We also offer other cleaning-related services such as the extraction of bird excrement (guano removal) and sharps removal.

Corby Asbestos Demolition

Whether or not a full demolition of your property is required will depend on where the ACMs lie within your property, and to what extent. In many cases, a soft strip demolition is all that is required and any contaminated non-structural elements can be removed and replaced no problem. In other circumstances, major structural elements of your building may need to come down, meaning the entire building must be redeveloped.

Esoteric Group – A Company You Can Trust

As a licensed asbestos removal company, you can be sure that we are determined in providing only the best service for you. We fully understand that having asbestos in your property can put an high amount of stress and inconvenience on your shoulders. Allow us to take that weight onto our shoulders, instead. Whatever is necessary we will endeavour to make the process as efficient and as safe as possible.

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