Asbestos Removal in Chelmsford


The history of Chelmsford stretches back to the Bronze Age – arguably the third best age in history! Get it? Bronze Age? Third best? Let’s move on. Buildings have been built, demolished and rebuilt over the course of this time, but there’s no guarantee that the properties currently in Chelmsford are squeaky clean.

Asbestos Waste Removal

Once an asbestos survey has been conducted on your property, we can determine what the most appropriate course of action is. Typically, this would involve removing/encapsulating the asbestos containing materials and making sure the affected area is hygienically clean afterwards.

We always recommend leaving the removal of asbestos to a team of professionals, as it isn’t worth the health complications if you were to decide on tackling the issue yourself. At the same time, there’s no need to worry about us, either. We are always cautious about our own safety, so protective equipment and clothing will be worn at all times.

Guano Removal Chelmsford

If you’re unlucky enough to have more than one issue with your property, we can find a solution for you. Guano removal in Chelmsford is simply the excavation of excrement left behind by seabirds or bats. Removing the excrement yourself isn’t the most glamorous of chores on your to-do list, so let us take care of the mess on your behalf.

Sharps Removal

Sharp objects can cause a health and safety concern. Needles, glass shards and stray materials can be dangerous to handle without appropriate protection or equipment for disposal. Do not risk injuring yourself or causing harm when we can dispose of all sharps safely and responsibly.

Environmental Cleaning Chelmsford

Another popular service is giving your property, fleet, equipment or any other physical element of your business a good old fashioned deep clean. What’s beneficial about this service is it means your company has achieved the prevention of healthcare associated infections and diseases. We clean everything – from the very simple rubbish collection service to the complicated oil rig cleaning service – and everything in-between.

Esoteric Group in Chelmsford

If there’s something strange in your property, who are you going to call? Esoteric Group of course!

We consider ourselves the answer to your asbestos problems and so should you! The tricky thing about asbestos is that it loves a game of hide and seek. Due to the substance’s popularity before its eventual abolishment in 1999, asbestos can be found hidden anywhere within in a property.

However, there’s no need to panic. We have a whole range of Chelmsford based asbestos services. Take a look at what we can do for you, plus some additional services that are available should you need them.

If you suspect that your property could be subject to asbestos exposure, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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