Asbestos Removal in Central London

Central London

Here at Esoteric Group, we specialise in the removal and safe disposal of asbestos. The frustrating thing about asbestos is that we can never really be certain that we are living in a country that is completely rid of the material.

What we can be certain of, however, is that if you occupy a property that contains asbestos, we will be on hand to make your life easier. Our years’ worth of experience means we have the know-how, diligence and attention-to-detail necessary to carry out the job to a high standard. As a licensed asbestos removal company, you can put your trust in us!

Asbestos Surveys/Surveying

Before we agree to carry out any asbestos removals, we would need to conduct a survey first. All this means is that we can determine what level of removal we need to carry out. For example, for properties that is infested with asbestos to a point the structure is weakened, we would have to look at a demolition job. However, in a lot of cases, it is a case of safely removing and disposing the asbestos.

If there is a level of asbestos that is deemed risky to the structure but no damage is present, we would look towards soft stripping the affected areas and replace it with safer, newer materials. That way, the asbestos is removed and the structure remains intact.

These surveys are critical for us and for yourself, as the most appropriate of action is taken and no decisions are made without careful consideration.

Environmental Cleaning

This just simply means that when we carry out our removal services, you can be guaranteed we have got your property and the planet in our best interests. So, when we carry out the survey, conduct the removal and tidy up afterwards, we can guarantee it will be executed in an environmentally friendly manner.

You won’t have to worry about where the asbestos goes once it’s removed from your property, just allow us to shoulder that responsibility!

Asbestos and Central London

With the sheer amount of chaos that occurs in the city of London on a daily basis, it is impossible to gauge what happens behind the closed doors of this wonderful city. Throw a stone and you hit centuries’ worth of architecture and a glimpse of the futuristic approach London has towards their buildings and structures.

Naturally, as the country’s capital, it is the home of career opportunities, tourism attractions and the nucleus of our way of living in the form of the Government. With so many hidden treasures to be discovered, there is the potential to discover something not so beautiful.


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