Asbestos Removal in Central London

Professional Asbestos Services in Central London

At Esoteric Group, we specialise in the safe removal and disposal of Asbestos, offering peace of mind to property owners in Central London. While it’s challenging to guarantee a completely asbestos-free environment, you can trust us to handle any asbestos-related concerns with expertise and efficiency.

Asbestos Surveys

Before proceeding with any Asbestos Removal, we conduct comprehensive surveys to assess the extent of Asbestos contamination. Based on our findings, we determine the appropriate course of action. In cases where Asbestos has compromised the structural integrity of a property, Demolition may be necessary. However, for less severe contamination, we opt for soft stripping to remove Asbestos while preserving the structure.

Environmental Considerations

Our commitment to environmental responsibility ensures that our removal services are conducted with minimal impact on the planet. From surveying to removal and cleanup, we prioritise eco-friendly practices, guaranteeing proper disposal of Asbestos waste.

Demolition and Asbestos Removal

For properties requiring demolition due to severe asbestos contamination, our team is equipped to handle the process safely and efficiently. We conduct thorough Asbestos Surveys before Demolition to identify any hazardous materials. During demolition, we ensure proper containment and removal of asbestos to prevent exposure to harmful fibres.

Asbestos in Central London

Central London, with its bustling streets and iconic architecture, is a hub of activity and innovation. Behind the facades of historic landmarks and modern skyscrapers lies a complex tapestry of construction materials, including asbestos. Amidst the city’s vibrant energy, it’s essential to address any asbestos risks proactively.

Partner with Esoteric Group

With our wealth of experience and dedication to safety, Esoteric Group is your trusted partner in managing asbestos concerns in Central London. Whether you’re a property owner or manager, we’re here to ensure a seamless process from assessment to removal.


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