Asbestos Removal in Braintree


Braintree in Essex dates back over 4,000 years and there has been a settlement on the site since the Bronze Age. Consequently, there are many old buildings in the town, including the Braintree District Museum, formerly a school built in 1863. Some of these older buildings are likely to have asbestos hidden in walls, beneath floors, out of sight
but not out of mind. If you suspect you may have asbestos in your home, it needs to be dealt with,
as once asbestos is disturbed there are many serious health implications.

Asbestos Surveys in Braintree

The best way to determine whether asbestos is a problem is to commission an asbestos survey. We can carry out a detailed examination of the structure and if we find any asbestos, we will come up with an asbestos removal plan.

Braintree Asbestos Dismantling Services

Asbestos dismantling must be carried out under controlled conditions. There are strict regulations to be adhered to, so this is not a DIY task. Once asbestos has been removed, it must be disposed of in a safe and controlled manner. If a building is being redeveloped, soft stripping is an option. We will survey the building and remove all hidden traces of asbestos from walls and other internal structures. Our team will work methodically to minimise disruption to you and your staff.

Demolition and Land Remediation in Braintree

Developing commercial sites must be done in stages, but if there is any chance the land is contaminated by asbestos waste, it must be removed before further development takes place. Talk to us about a demolition survey and land remediation. Our experienced team will identify whether asbestos contamination is present before your project progresses.

More Facts about Braintree

Braintree has the oldest timber-framed Barley Barn in the world. It was built in 1206 by the Knights Templar. You can see it at Cressing Temple, just outside Braintree. The Wheat Barn next door is also very old (1256). Luckily, neither of these impressive structures contain asbestos as far as we know! The town was home to the first crocodile brought to the UK. Richard Bradley imported the beast and it lived in his lake. Hopefully, nobody went swimming there! We can’t help you with a crocodile problem, but if you would like to know more about our asbestos surveys and dismantling services contact us today!

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