Asbestos Removal in Boston


Since 1999, the UK has been on a mission to eradicate asbestos from properties up and down the country. The only issue is that asbestos has a tendency to hide within the deepest secretions which include our walls, ceilings, attics and garages. Distinguishing exactly what asbestos is to the inexperienced human eye can be difficult.

That’s why, if you have any suspicions, you should get in touch with us here at Esoteric Group. With our help, you can put asbestos to bed once and for all.

Asbestos Surveys Boston

This is the best way forward in terms of putting a plan into place, both in terms of effectiveness and legal responsibility. It goes without saying that unless you have first-hand experience in removing asbestos, it is best left to a team of professionals. It isn’t worth the risk of exposure to the fibres and the health complications than can follow. A survey will identify any issues and help to establish the level of contamination.

Routes to Go Down

Depending on the damage and level of exposure, we many encapsulate any areas of asbestos containing materials (ACMs), remove them or completely demolish the property all-together. One of methods used is soft-strip demolition. This includes completely demolishing and removing the non-structural areas affected and rebuilding them.

A full demolition will be considered if large structural elements are contaminated or if the exposure is too extreme. In these cases, we also have to take your physical health into consideration. Trust us when we say that a full demolition is a last resort. That’s why we conduct an asbestos survey to start with, so no decisions are made on a knee-jerk reaction basis.

Alternative Asbestos Services Boston

The beauty of using Esoteric Group is that we’re not just an asbestos removal business. We like to have a plethora of different services available to you, should you need them. For example, we also specialise in guano removal, where excrement left behind by seabirds and bats is removed and cleaned. People who live in coastal areas tend to find this service incredibly handy!

Other services include sharps removal, remediation of the ground and land, general waste removal/disposal and environmental cleaning. See? No limits to what we’re capable of!

Asbestos Removal Boston

Living on the coast is a dream for a lot of people, especially those setting themselves up for their retirement years. For those already on the coast, you may have spotted a build-up of seabird excrement in your property. Give us a ring if you need a company who specialise in guano removal!

On top of this, the town as a whole has history pouring from its veins. The home of St. Botolph’s Church, which is said to be the largest parish church in England, is an example of just how much historical attachments it holds dear. Buildings like these are more likely to have a level of asbestos present, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you have any issues or worries, we’d love to have a chat with you!

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