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When you stumble across something and you have no idea what it is, you start to wonder. Even worse so, you start to Google. Whether its illness symptoms, noises coming from your car or song lyrics in search for the artist or even just the song.

Asbestos falls into that category. Because it is tricky to identify, you don’t really know what to do about it. Even if you can say for certain you’ve found asbestos, you shouldn’t touch it! The health risks and complications simply aren’t worth it. Leave it to a team of experts with tons of experience removing asbestos in Bletchley.

Asbestos Surveys Bletchley

Before we talk about asbestos removal, an asbestos survey must be carried out first. That way we can distinguish just how badly your property is infested with the material. We also carry out the survey to analyse the risk criteria. Once all has been identified, discussed and confirmed – we can begin to establish an asbestos management or removal plan.

Asbestos Encapsulation and Removal

An asbestos management plan may involve some light repair work or asbestos encapsulation, where any ACMs are essentially sealed off to prevent any danger. It will also involve your management plan in terms of staff awareness, regular maintenance and check-ups. An asbestos removal plan may involve some soft-strip demolition or a full demolition of your property, depending on the severity of asbestos contamination.

Ground Remediation Bletchley

In the unfortunate circumstances where a building must be demolished, asbestos containing materials could be left behind on the site. Without adequate waste management, these sites cannot be used for re-developments by potential landlords, business owners or housing associations.

With this in mind, we here at Esoteric Group provide a decontamination service. By using the latest equipment available, we will be able to remove any contaminants from the ground so any construction work can go ahead without any hiccups.

Sharps Removal

This service is available, even to those who don’t suffer with asbestos. Sharp objects such as glass shards, needles and jagged wood all pose nasty health risks. We are more than happy to assist you in removing any sharp objects from your property or site.

Contact Esoteric Group in Bletchley

Home to the main code decryption establishment during the Second World War, Bletchley has a lot of pride in the community. Without this institute and the genius of Alan Turing, the outcome of the War could have been very different.

Taking this building as a sole example, the possibility of other buildings erected soon after the war could have asbestos in the premises. Put any worries to bed and call us if you suspect something!

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