Asbestos Removal in Bedfordshire


Imagine moving into your dream house. The one you’ve been looking forward to starting a new life in. You move all of your things in and get settled. Then you discover something unusual in the attic. What is it? What do you do with it? Chances are, if your dream house was built before 1999, you’ve stumbled across some asbestos.

The most important thing to remember is not to panic. The fact that asbestos has been found in your property has no bearing on you as a property owner. You didn’t put it there, after all! Instead of worrying about ifs, buts and maybes – give the team here at Esoteric Group and we will sort things out.

Asbestos Waste Removal 

With the years’ worth of experience we’ve collected in the time we’ve been doing this job, we’ve found the removal of asbestos somewhat of a run-of-the-mill task. By using a licensed removal company such as ourselves, you’re putting your trust in the right people with the right tools for the job.

We can collect the asbestos from the property, load it up in our fleet vehicles and dispose of it at a nearby licensed facility. Under no circumstances do we require your assistance during the process. The whole process, from start to finish, in your asbestos removal Bedfordshire based service will be handled by us professionally and efficiently.

Land Remediation Bedfordshire

In the circumstance that a property has had to be demolished due to the severity of the asbestos exposure, we offer a service called land remediation. This is to ensure that no aspects of any asbestos containing materials remain on the site. If any reconstruction works are to commence, the ground needs to be clean of any contaminants. With our specialist equipment and experienced professionals, we can allow any reconstructions to go ahead without any delays.

Sharps Removal 

Providing a one-of-a-kind customer experience is important to us, which is why we have the variety of services that we have available to you. One of these services is the removal of sharp objects from your property. Nobody likes risking a nasty cut trying to handle glass shards, or a potentially life-threatening infection caught from discarded needles. Allow us to whack our gloves on and dispose of them safely.

Asbestos Removal Bedfordshire

Located in the East of England, Bedfordshire prides itself on being a county of culture and history. When the county was first named in 1011 as “Bedanfordscirit was separated into nine ‘hundreds’. Nowadays, it is the proud home of such historical beauties as Bedford Castle and Whipsnade Tree Cathedral, with the latter being part of the National Trust.

Buildings such as these require a great deal of care. Don’t let your property slip by the wayside in terms of love and care. If you spot anything suspicious in your home, feel free to give us a call and we can take a look.

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