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If you’re keen on learning something new every day, then you have come to the right place. Huntingdon is a town in Cambridgeshire which is the famous birthplace of the one and only Oliver Cromwell, a somewhat opinionated political leader.

Should you want to know more about him, there is a dedicated museum which is brimming with historic artefacts, giving the cultured clientele their knowledgeable fix.

Asbestos Management Huntingdon

One of the most common locations for asbestos is old buildings. The Cromwell museum, mentioned above, was opened all the way back in 1962. Structures with age like this are more likely to contain asbestos, so it is important that great care is taken. Usually, if a building is infested, an asbestos demolition is carried out.

But, because of the effect that the museum has on local culture and history, in cases such as these a soft-strip demolition is the preferred option. This involves removing non-structural elements of a building to make way for safer alternatives, whilst keeping the physical structure intact.

Asbestos Surveys Huntingdon

Before we decide what the best course of action is, we would carry out an asbestos survey. This just determines the severity of the location and what precautions are needed to carry out the job. As much as we’d like to just eradicate asbestos, there are rules and regulations for the sake of your safety.

It also means that we take the most appropriate course of action, rather than undertaking something unnecessary. There’s no point in performing a full demolition if a simple asbestos removal is available.

Land Remediation Services Huntingdon

One aspect of asbestos removal that we tend to take a detailed look at is land remediation. When we demolish a historic building (not out of choice, trust us) there is the possibility of asbestos traces within the sites’ soil and surfaces. Not to worry though!

In such instances, processes such as excavations and soil washing means that eventually the location is cleared of all asbestos presence. From there, we dispose of the materials safely and lawfully.

Huntingdon is always a town that promises culture, history and community. We here at Esoteric Group want to make sure that such positivity is kept intact. By removing any and all levels of asbestos, the locals can feel safe and sound in their home town.

If you have any queries about asbestos removal, don’t be afraid to get into touch!

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