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Hemel Hempstead

Found in the heart of Hertfordshire, Hemel Hempstead was born as long ago as the 8th century. Now home to Marlowe’s Shopping Precinct, Roman ruins and burial grounds in Highfield, Boxmoor and Gadebridge, and the old Gorhambury House just a few attractions; this is a district where every commuter wants to live.

As well as making a significant historical contribution to the borough of Dacorum, Hemel Hempstead is famous for the Chitterns, a hilly landscape filled with beech forests and working farmland. With such fabulous scenery and nature on the doorstep, it is no wonder that around 80,000 people call it home.

The History of Hemel Hempstead

Although Hemel Hempstead is recorded as a settlement as far back as the 8th century; it wasn’t until after the Second World War that it took off in terms of population. Significant Luftwaffe bombings in London saw around 90% of Hemel Hempstead levelled. Homes were re-built en-masse, with many residents resorting to the old aluminium temporary housing in the meantime.

Due to the timing of this rebuilding project, many of the homes in Hemel Hempstead were constructed using cement infused with asbestos. Between the forties and the eighties this was a widely used building material. It was finally banned in 1989 and a mass-phase out has been pursued ever since.

Asbestos in Hemel Hempstead

To this day, there are residential, commercial and industrial buildings in Hemel Hempstead that retain the asbestos cement used to build them. This cement is considered harmless unless disturbed. If it is undetected before major building work is taken out on your building then you risk exposing the workers to toxic air.

On 2017 the Hemel Today reported on a former Dacorum College worker who had died of prolonged exposure to asbestos. In 2017 the same paper also reported on the illegal fly tipping of asbestos contaminated material on Leverstock Green. In 2015, the BBC reported on a story about a grandmother confiscating contaminated material from children, who were throwing it at each other as they played.

Asbestos is a real life problem in Hemel Hempstead. Esoteric Group are here to eradicate the problem and protect your property against future issues.

Asbestos Removal and Management in Dacorum

We provide Asbestos appraisal which will allow one of our highly trained experts to come to your building and judge the extent of the asbestos damage. Once identified, the area can be cordoned off, the threat contained, and the dangerous material completely removed. Once done, your building will be cleared of all traces of this hazardous substance, after which we will safely dispose of it in line with regulations.

If you think your Hemel Hempstead property is at risk from asbestos, then contact Esoteric Group today on 01442 915866. We can remove the root of the problem, leaving you to resume an asbestos-free life. We make asbestos removal painless, fast, and affordable. Contact us today and start minimising your risks.

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