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Found in the west of Greater London, Hayes, Hillingdon Borough, this settled area of the city hosts some of the oldest architecture in town. St, Mary’s, the parish church, has been in operation since it was first erected back in 830 AD. The Adam and Eve pub, another listed building, has been in situ since 1665.

Hayes is the home of the famous Beatles’ record label EMI. It was also the birthplace of the famous author George Orwell, whose influence on the literary world can still be felt today. A former residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury and original home to the Salvation Army’s first ever barracks – this is an area of London that has a story on every corner.

Hayes Construction History

Hayes has been a township comprised of four villages since the early sixteenth century. After the First World War, the traditional boarding schools of the area were replaced by features such as the Norman Leddy Memorial Gardens and residential buildings. The Hayes Urban District was introduced in 1904 and continued right up until 1965. This means that many residents in these reasonably new homes may be at risk from the presence of asbestos.

Asbestos in Hayes

Asbestos is a recognised problem in Hayes and the Greater London area. Back in 2007 the Hillingdon Times reported on a case where the local council had denied responsibility for some contaminated waste found on a pensioner’s property. Further, a 2015 Guardian interview with the MP for Hillingdon Council borough admitted that as many as 50% of schools in England were at risk from asbestos exposure.

What if You Find Asbestos?

If you find asbestos in your Hayes property then leave it well alone. Until it is disturbed or burned, the material is reasonably safe. Do not try to dispose of it yourself. Government advice is that you call in a specialist company to handle it on your behalf. Esoteric Group is one such firm operating in the Hayes area. We can help you make your asbestos problem a thing of the past.

Esoteric Group provide a full asbestos removal, disposal, and clean-up service. We can:

  • Visit your property to survey the extent of asbestos contamination.
  • Fully encompass the asbestos and prevent it from leaking into the air we breathe.
  • Safely and fully dispose of it in ways outlined by specific legislation.
  • Clean the affected area so that it is safe and secure for future use.

Asbestos poses a unique set of problems to human health. Only by fully removing it can you ensure that your property is not harbouring any hidden dangers.

If you suspect that your Hayes property contains asbestos then don’t wait to become unwell. Contact Esoteric Group today on 0203 9827333 and let us get to the root of the problem. Once removed asbestos is gone forever. If left in place there is always the chance of future risk.

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