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Situated in Hertfordshire, this Saxon settlement is home to Hatfield House, official residence of the Marquess of Salisbury. Steeped in rich London history, this district houses the University of Hertfordshire and attracts a huge student population, every year.

Some of the buildings in Hatfield date back to the 13th century, with St Etheldreda’s Church erected there in 1497. Some of the most famous aircraft types used in WWII were created in the de Havilland airfield after British Aerospace commandeered it for military use. As well as some awe-inspiring history, this brave little district was largely re-built in the post war years.

Rebuilding Hatfield

When rebuilding started it was after 1946. This meant that many of the cheaper housing that was erected right up until the late 80’s may have asbestos in the make-up. The government has subsequently banned the use of this toxic substance in building works, but if your Hatfield property was built during this time then your health could be at risk.

Asbestos Problems in Hatfield

Evidence that there is a problem with asbestos in Hatfield is not hard to find. Local radio stations Bob FM reported on an emerging issue in 2018. This problem arose from local youths traversing roof tops for fun. Some of the buildings in the area are derelict or abandoned. Some owners simply do not realise their property was built using this material. Had the youths fallen through they would be at severe risk of death via Asbestosis.

Welwyn Hatfield Council promptly responded to inform the public that yes, this was an issue. This was not even the first warning about asbestos in the area. Years earlier, in 2008, the Welwyn Hatfield Times reported that over half of the 6,000 council owned garages in the district contained asbestos. These were slowly rebuilt.

What to do about Asbestos in your Hatfield Property

Here at Esoteric Group, we provide specialist asbestos removal services with a difference. We are determined to systematically erase all traces of this noxious substance before it does any more damage. London and Hatfield residents shouldn’t need to live with the threat of lung damage hanging over their heads. We can fix it, and return your peace of mind.

Our asbestos removal service includes full isolation and enclosure of the affected area. We will then meticulously remove all shreds of the harmful fibres asbestos produces. Once your property is thoroughly cleaned and deemed safe we will dispose of the contaminated material in a safe, contained way.

If you have asbestos – or even if you suspect asbestos – in your Hatfield property then don’t live with the risk. We can remove asbestos from all types of building, leaving you with cleaner air that won’t damage your respiratory system. Contact us now on 01707 808885 for a full inspection. A clean property is only a few clicks away.

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