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Asbestos Removal, Demolition, and Clean-up in Edgware

Asbestos needs to be removed and, in some cases, replaced with a safer alternative. This is a process that you should not do by yourself. Asbestos cement is generally safe until it is disturbed. Once the particles are in the air it can do damage to the lungs. Instead, leave it alone and call in a professional asbestos removal service.

A professional service will be able to:

  • Isolate the Asbestos so that it does not get released into the air while they remove it.
  • Safely eradicate all evidence of the contaminated substance, as well as cleaning away any traces from your property.
  • Remove and dispose of Asbestos in a way that follows local council and government guidelines.
  • Offer demolition services for structures containing Asbestos materials, ensuring safe removal and disposal of debris.

It is important that you seek an expert to appraise and survey your property to ensure that they dispose of every last piece of Asbestos.


Edgware, in the Royal Borough of Barton, is one of London’s 35 major suburban centres. A former parish of Middlesex, this bustling community is home to the Boardwalk Shopping Centre, Edgware Community Hospital, and is home to some 76 thousand city dwellers. Many of whom play with the Edgware Cricket Club, or spend picnics at Basin Lake of a weekend.

A Little History…

This thriving suburban favourite was mostly unpopulated throughout history. Up until 1901, the population of Edgware was less than one thousand people. For the majority of its history, it was a farming community. This continued until the areas to the south were cleared to make room for the M1, and for the demand on railways stations London experienced just after the turn of the century. The population of Edgware tripled in 1924.

With this new population came new pressure to build housing. This was a farming community of no more than a few houses, suddenly at the mercy of an influx of misplaced families. Houses were erected quickly – especially after the Second World War. British builders needed cheap, strong materials to build with… and that’s why any house built in Edgware between 1940 and 1980 is at risk of containing Asbestos.

Is There Asbestos in your Edgware Property?

If you suspect there may be Asbestos in your property, then contact us here at Esoteric Group, without delay. We can provide safe and expedient removal of any troublesome fibres, stripping your property of the dangers posed. One of our expert analysts will survey your building. Once done, we can cater to the need for safe removal.

Once your building is Asbestos-free, it will be marked as safe, which can help your chances of selling in the future. However, it is the risk to public health which is first and foremost when it comes to Asbestos. When solving the issue is so easy – why take the chance?

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