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East Barnet

East Barnet, in north London, is a popular residential suburb that is home to some wondrous sites – the Church of St. Mary the Virgin being one of many. The Chickenshed Theatre Company provides plenty of entertainment for this creative community, while Oak Hill Park offers a beautiful natural spot for all to enjoy.

As well as an interesting range of historical buildings that date back as early as the 18th century; East Barnet also saw a surge in population growth from the 1930’s onwards. After the town merged with greater London some time during the 40’s the population quickly tripled…and that brings us to the reason for this page…

East Barnet produced huge numbers of new houses from the thirties to the sixties. It was during this time that the use of asbestos cement was common practise for building. Since we did not learn of the harmful effects of asbestos on the human lungs until late in the 60’s, a number of properties in East Barnet are now plagued by the structural containment of asbestos.

Asbestos Removal and Clean-up in East Barnet

We here at Esoteric Group pride ourselves on our ability to remove even the toughest of asbestos fibres from your East Barnet property. We offer a range of services, all tailored towards leaving your home, commercial, or industrial property asbestos-free and safe as houses!

Some of our market-leading asbestos removal services include:

  • An extensive survey and appraisal of your target area to surmise the extent of your asbestos problem.
  • Complete encapsulation of the affected area so that no other property is damaged by our removal. Additionally, this process prevents the asbestos fibres from floating freely throughout your property.
  • Removal of the asbestos, complete with thorough, professional cleaning of the affected area to remove any trace debris.
  • Safe disposal of the asbestos so you are left with a safer property, hassle free.

When we deal with your asbestos problem on your behalf you are left with a property that has a clean bill of health. This results in a safer home for you and your family, as well as a safer environment for the future residents of East Barnet. If we work together, we can eradicate the asbestos problem across the whole Borough, making London a safer place for everyone.

What Do I Do if I Find Asbestos in My East Barnet Home?

If you suspect that some of your building work, home, or property might be at risk from asbestos then the first thing you should do is be careful not to disturb it. Asbestos cement is safe until the fibres are exposed to the air.

Contact us here at Esoteric Group today and let the professionals deal with the issue. We will isolate, eradicate, and sanitise the area, leaving you with an asbestos-free property and better peace of mind.

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