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Cheshunt is a picturesque town in the Broxbourne borough that some 52,000 Brits call home. The area is steeped in history – and no sight exemplifies this quite so much as St. Mary’s Church… Which dates back to an impressive 1146. Cheshunt has been home to royals like Queen Elizabeth I, VIPs such as the Lord Richard Cromwell, and was the historical site of the Cheshunt Railway line.

With such illustrious claims to fame, it is no wonder that more recent years have seen the likes of Cliff Richard call it home. With the addition of the Brookfield Shopping Centre and situated in the stunning Lee Valley Park; it seems that this is one small town with a huge amount going for it.

There’s just one problem with Cheshunt, though. With so many historical buildings, there is a lot of asbestos in this area. Here at Esoteric Group, we are on a mission to change this – for the better!

Asbestos Issues in Cheshunt

Broxbourne Parish Council area recently released guidelines on the safe management and disposal of asbestos throughout their parish. These guidelines state that the most common places where asbestos is found throughout Cheshunt are in the use of cement making. Asbestos cement may be present on your garage walls or shed roof, it may be found on drain pipes and supporting guttering, in insulation boards and between wall panels.

The council goes on to advise that, should you find any asbestos in your home, you should leave it alone. As long as asbestos is not disturbed it is not airborne. As long as the fibres are not airborne they are not damaging your lungs.

What To Do if You Find Asbestos in Your Cheshunt Property

We also advise that you follow the Council guidelines and leave any potential asbestos completely alone. Contact Esoteric Group straight away, and we will send one of our highly skilled technicians to make a full assessment of the situation.

Once we have a full and accurate report of the contamination area, we can begin work to encapsulate, isolate, and destroy the harmful compound before it has a negative impact on your health. Time is of the essence, but we will make sure that all traces of this harmful fibrous material are removed from your property before we leave. We can also safely dispose of any asbestos within government outlined procedure.

If you live in Cheshunt and worry about the damage asbestos might be doing then call us today. We can put your mind at ease by carrying out a full inspection of your property. If we do find something, we are a trusted firm who have the knowledge and skills to deal with it safely and effectively, including providing demolition services if necessary.

Let’s eliminate the asbestos from Cheshunt once and for all. Contact us today and join in the fight.

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